El Torero

Where the possibility of death is ever-present, is being masculine about carrying a façade of courage, or is it showing your vulnerability with the ability to overcome it ?

El Torero is a menswear collection inspired by the attitudes of the matadors. He battles with the conflict of masculinity which produces a strong yet sensuous character.  

The monochromatic palatte draws a strong silhouette that seem simple at first, is then concisely defined by the attention to detail. The length - cropped jackets, high waist trousers elongate the limbs. The change in proportions through subtle curvature and sensitive approach towards tailoring, composes each garment with purpose and detail, skimming and encasing the body.

The conscious use of calico as fabrication lends the garments towards a softness, spare and pared back feel that adds to the richness of the collection with restrained honesty.

In my collection I have sought to extend notions of the traditional into contemporary menswear - the integrity of the garment as object,  hand of the maker left in the detail,  a neo-craft approach that rekindles an artisanal, unique and luxurious intimacy between a man and his clothes.

Vivien Shen